Tr, Aug 28, 2019 18:15

Lecture timetable you can find here


Pr, Aug 27, 2018 12:42

Vasaras uzņemšana ir pagarināta līdz 31. augustam!

Vairāk informācijas šeit.

Pk, Jūl 12, 2019 14:48

June 13, 2019

Justs Placāns – Security Risk Management in Corda-based Application for Capital Markets

Kumar Raghwendra – Performance Testing of Microservices in Cloud Computing

Omogha Oghenero Utomudo – Security Requirements Identification Guidelines for IT Solutions in Nigeria

Raghunatha Rao Yashoda Savanth – Analysis of Transformation to Event-Driven Enterprise Architecture

Zigmārs Kalniņš – Transition Approach in Information System Replacement

January 24, 2019

Aleksandra Maria Gasiorowska - The Process of Information System Implementation into Cloud Platform

Canberk Urkup - Information Systems Integration for Portfolio Management

Deepak Tumkur Shivanandaiah - Empirical Analysis of Customer Relationship Management Products Based on Service-oriented Approach


Pk, Jūl 13, 2018 17:27


Laikus pārliecinies, vai ir visas nepieciešamās priekšzināšanas!

Ce, Jūn 14, 2018 16:19

Lielais izlaidums notiks 21. jūnijā plkst. 16.00 «Arēnā Rīga».

Vairāk informācijas šeit

Pk, Jūn 8, 2018 17:07

Ibrahim Adeboye Apena - IT Model for Guiding e-Grocers to adopt profitability solutions

Dinesh Chandrasekaran - Analysis of principles and techniques of evolutionary software architectures

Vitor Da Silva Goncalves - Analysis of serverless computing in cloud Environments

Marina Harlamova - Development of conceptual trust handling framework for Industry 4.0 wireless networks

Igors Klimovs - The design of continuous hybrid biometric authentication system

Sandis Menska - Analysis of search methods for NOSQL database with logically distributed architecture

Kiran Kumar Raju - A cloud framework for banking information systems design based on EAI and SOA

Emenike Ugochukwu Henry - Comparative study of process mining tools

Kaspars Zīle - Feasibility evaluation of blockchain application

Santa Zvirbule - The assessment of new technology applicability in facility management using variability modeling

Pk, Maijs 11, 2018 11:57

You can find exam schedule here

Pr, Apr 16, 2018 12:08

Master Thesis Pre-defense will be held on April 27, 2018, 18:00.

Daugavgrīvas Str. 2, auditorium 546.

Tr, Jan 24, 2018 11:51

Kickoff meeting for the first year students is planned on

January 29, 17:00

Daugavgrīvas 2, Auditorium 546.


  • Introduction to the program (~15 min.)
  • Administrative issues (~15 min.)
  • Questions and Answers (~15 min.)


Tr, Jan 24, 2018 11:43

On January 25th Business Informatics students will defend their master theses.

The venue: Daugavgrivas-2, 546, beginning at 11:30.


Amin Safavi

Data Flow Automation and Control in Web Based Systems


Ogheneweware Omogha

Information Technology Adoption and Use by Enterprises in Nigeria