On rules for pre-condition courses

Recently we had several questions on how the international students can acquire the precondition courses. Here is the explanation.

The mandatory pre-condition courses for entering the program are Higher Matehematics, Computer Networks, and Databases. If students are missing any of these subjects in their previous education - in general, they must acquire them before starting studies in the Business Inforamtics program. We offer all of these courses as distance learning ones, and anybody can acquire them as an RTU guest student. There are different price options that are described in http://bi.rtu.lv/eng/content/preconditions (see different pre-condition course types).

For making things easier for the international students that have to pass the precondition courses, we do the following exceptions:

1) Students can be accepted for the program before actually passing of the precondition courses if they provide a written confimation to RTU FSD that they will take the precondition courses before actual start of the program or according to the rules described in Point 3 below.

2) Students can take final exams in pre-condition courses upon their arrival in Riga: we can see the student progress in the courses. If the assignemnts are done - the examination can be post-poned to the arrival time. If assignments are not done, this is considered as a violation of the agreement.

3) Taking into consideration, that we have the admission twice per year the following simplications can be done:

a) to start studies in September: Databases and Computer networks should be taken in advance, however Higher Mathematics can be taken in parallel with the actual studies in the program with the final exam no later than January of the next year;

b) to start studies in January: Higher Mathematics should be taken in advance, but Computer Networks and Databased can be taken in parallel with the actual studies in the program with the final exam no later than in August.