Pavithran Krishnan Nagarajan

Master Thesis: Continuous Design Approaches in the Field of Information Systems

Graduated: January, 2020 

Previous education: Bachelor Degree, “Electronics and Communications Engineering”, Anna University, India

"A new chapter in my life started with Master's at RTU. Business Informatics is by far the best program in the university that demands a lot from you as a student only to develop your abilities and acquire the knowledge that can make you stand out in the job market. The curriculum of the program is carefully designed to develop a business-minded professional with technological skill sets who can provide analytical solutions to critical business problems. With professors like Dr.sc.ing.,Marite Kirikova actively involved in the program, students have the opportunity to learn a lot from their experiences in this field of study. This is one of those chapters which I proudly finished with a smile and lot of good memories."

Justs Placāns

Master Thesis: Security Risk Management in Corda-based Application for Capital Markets

Graduated: June, 2019 

Previous education: Bachelor Degree, “Business Administration”, Turiba University, Latvia

"Business informatics program endorse professionals in ICT sector to enhance their professional qualification and acquire valuable skills and knowledge, particularly in such specialising courses as IS security engineering, network security requirements and other related IS security subjects."

Kumar Raghwendra

Master Thesis: Analysis of Performance Testing of Microservices in Cloud Computing Environments

Graduated: June, 2019 

Previous education: Bachelor Degree, “Computer Science”, Sastra University, India

"This course helped me in learning that how can we leverage information technology to solve the business challenges. This course follows more practical approach which gives a great opportunities of learning."

Omogha Oghenero Utomudo

Master Thesis: Security Requirements, identification guidelines for IT solution in Nigeria

Graduated: June, 2019 

Previous education: Bachelor Degree, “Telecommunications Engineering”, Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics, Ukraine

"During the period of studies, the course developed my brain in terms of analytical reasoning. Business informatics gave me an insight on combining IT solutions with business to reproduce success for an enterprise."

Aleksandra Maria Gasiorowska

Master Thesis: The Process of Information System Implementation into Cloud Platform

Graduated: January, 2019 

Previous education: Bachelor Degree, “Management and Production Engineering”, Cracow University of Technology, Poland

"The Business Informatics program provided me with a fundamental knowledge of how IT solutions are used in business, which made me more confident while working with both clients and on the technical side. The broad content consists of many relevant aspects such as business processes, data technologies and e-solutions. Partnership with RBS gives a good opportunity for improving soft skills, for example business communication. Most importantly, this Master’s Program left me with a strong Business Informatics understanding, which will be essential for developing new IT and business skills in the future."

Canberk Urkup

Master Thesis: Information Systems Integration for Portfolio Management

Graduated: January, 2019 

Previous education: Bachelor Degree, “Information Technologies”, Kadir Has University Istanbul, Turkey

"Business Informatics program provided to analytical thinking and different perspectives for my professional life additionally to technical knowledge. I would easily say that I can see the positive sides to my career. In addition I have met many good professional students and knowledgeable professors."

Kiran Kumar Raju

Master Thesis: A cloud framework for banking information systems design based on EAI and SOA

Graduated: June, 2018 

Previous education: Bachelor Degree, “Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)”, Bangalore University, Karnataka India

"Coming from a technical stream, I was always curious to know how much IT contributes to a successful business and how to align Business requirements with IT to make a business successful. That led me to Business informatics, This study program helped me gain theoretical knowledge on business administration, practical knowledge on IT, best practices to ensure the designed solution is flexible enough to adapt to the changing requirements of the business."

Ibrahim Adeboye Apena

Master Thesis: IT Model for Guiding e-Grocers to adopt profitability solutions

Graduated: June, 2018 

Previous education: Bachelor Degree, “Business Administration in Business Information System”, Zenith University College, Accra Ghana

"Business Informatics is a build up upon what I learnt during my bachelor studies, it broadened my previous knowledge and gave me the opportunity to partake in an ERASMUS + project where I was able to solve a problem proposed by the sponsor of the project. I believe the knowledge I got during my studies in RTU would propel me to achieving greater things in future."

Sandis Menska

Master Thesis: Analysis of Search Methods for NoSQL Database with Logicaly Distributed Architecture

Graduated: June, 2018 

Previous education: Bachelor Degree, “Automation and Computer Engineering”, Riga Technical University, Latvia

"Study program Business Informatics improved my knowledge of how information technology is used in the business environment and what is the trend for further development of business related IT systems. Through practical classes, I had opportunity to creatively apply the knowledge gained from theoretical lessons. I recommend BI for students with IT background."

Igors Kļimovs

Master Thesis: The Design of Continuous Hybrid Biometric Authentication System

Graduated: June, 2018 

Previous education: Bachelor Degree, “Management and Administration”, Latvian Maritime Academy, Latvia

"Business Informatics program provides a good knowledge base for IT professionals. Obtained knowledge undoubtedly helps me in the completion of everyday duties, allowing to optimize work processes."

Marina Harlamova

Master Thesis: Development of Conceptual Trust Handling Framework for Industry 4.0 Wireless Networks

Graduated: June, 2018 

Previous education: Bachelor Degree, “Telecommunications”, Riga Technical University, Latvia

"Having a technical background, I choose the Business Informatics study program to gain more academic knowledge about business administration and role of IT in business. Various study courses helped to broaden the perspective on business practices, supporting IT methodologies and strengthen critical thinking skills. Meeting many interesting students and researchers from around the world during study years was another positive aspect of this program."

Emenike Ugochukwu Henry

Master Thesis: Comparative Study of Process Mining Tools

Graduated: June, 2018 

Previous education: "Applied Geophysics", Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria

"Business Informatics to me, is like a gateway between other disciplines and information technology (IT). Business Informatics gave me the opportunity and exposure I needed to pursue a career in the IT industry. BI opened IT doors for me."

Irina Zaborskaia

Master Thesis: A Method for Developing Context-Aware Process Oriented Application Using BPMN 2.0

Graduated: June, 2017 

Previous education: St.Petersburg State Institute of Technology (Technical University), BSc Economics in Enterprise, Russia

"Riga Technical University provided rich environment to learn and deeply explore many different subjects. From the first days disciplines such as enterprise architecture and requirements engineering, storage networking encouraged me to study the BI and work hard to achive the greater potential and results. As of now, knowledge that I have gained during these 2 years brought for me rich opportunities and fields that I still continue to research."

Kaspars Purmalietis

Master Thesis: Continuous Requirements Engineering for Start-ups

Graduated: June, 2017 

Previous education: Bachelor degree, "Entrepreneurship and Management", Riga Technical University, Latvia

"Business Informatics has been a turning point in my career as well as for several of my course mates. It provided the necessary knowledge and support to transfer from business to more technical roles. I loved how well structured, practical and individual were the studies, as well as all the opportunities it provided like summer schools and exchange programs. But the biggest gain in my eyes are the contacts and the people met there with very diverse backgrounds, both professionally and culturally."

Mohit Dipak Pote

Master Thesis: A Method for Capability Life Cycle Management in Capability Driven Development Methodology

Graduated: June, 2017 

Previous education: Bachelor degree, "Computer Engineering", University of Pune, India


"The course is a bridge between the areas of Information Technology and Business. The Business Informatics program prepared me to analyze issues of information management in business organizations and will be able to develop innovative solutions to tackle the changes in society."

Raitis Ševelis

Master Thesis: Web 3.0 Usage in Social Learning Environment for Enterprises

Graduated: July, 2012 (First graduation!)

Previous education: Bachelor degree, "Computer Systems", Riga Technical University, Latvia

"Business Informatics is a great choice for those who are looking for a well balanced business and IT education.  The content of the program enables understanding of most crucial points in IT driven business and how enterprises can benefit from aligning their strategic goals with information technologies."

Gatis Špats

Master Thesis: Application of Opinion Mining for Written Content Classification in Latvian Text

Graduated: June, 2015

Previous education: Bachelor degree, Vidzeme University College, Latvia

"I liked Business Informatics study program because it gave me opportunities to meet many bright people, gain fundamental knowledge about systems, information system design, analysis, risks and work with business data. I also enjoyed practical exercises because most often we were free to choose domains or particular problems for applying the acquired theoretical concepts."

Linda Polovinkina

Master Thesis: Improvement of Maintenance and Change Managment Activities in Advertisement Planning System

Graduated: January, 2017

Previous education: Bachelor degree "Information Technology", Riga Technical University

" I am very pleased to be student of BI since it is very well thought out study program to conform specific needs of students from different business areas and with different backgrounds. The combination of study courses in BI program gives possibility to look at information technologies from different perspectives and knowledge can be acquired not only from theoretical point of view but also through different practical experiences which gave me a great advantage in my professional growth. "

Arjan Chakma

Master Thesis: Data Information and Knowledge Flows in Organizations Information Systems

Graduated: June, 2016

Previous education: Bachelor degree "Business Administration", University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

"RTU Business Informatics program provided a sophisticated environment which through now I see a contemporary Business and IT world. I believe this program enhanced my career opportunity and confidence which resulted HI Tech Business career in most competitive situation in my country."

Viktorija Ponomarenko

Master Thesis: Enhancing and Validation of Generic IT Transfer Concept

Graduated: June, 2016

Previous education: Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management "Entrepreneurship and Management", Riga Technical University, Latvia

"My background was "Entrepreneurship and Management". BI program allowed me to get the master degree without previous knowledge of computer science. During my study, I got the full understanding of business process modelling, systems, artificial intelligence, IT business solution, advanced data technologies, enterprise architecture and requirements engineering. It was a great learning experience and friendly work environment!"

Laura Rava (ex Grahoļska)

Master Thesis: Analysis of the User Awareness and Behavior Impact on Organizations IT Security

Graduated: June, 2016

Previous education: Bachelor degree "Business administration", RISEBA (Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration), Latvia

"As my previous study was in business administration, in my master studies I wanted something more than that and study program Business Information gave this great opportunity to obtain also IT which is related to business. This program gave the understanding of business processes and what is behind all the processes. This program also provides great knowledge exchange between local and international students."

Rajan Ashlin Gabriel

Master Thesis: Anti-Terrorism Safeguard Framework Powered with Information and Communication Technologies

Graduated: June, 2016

Previous education: Bachelor degree "Information and Technology", Jeppiaar Engineering college, India

"Information rules the world. The course is beautifully designed for the students who are aspiring to be a data scientist, it incorporates advanced data mining concepts and ICT implemenation in business and erp. quite interesting and beautiful. I love and recommend this course."

Gunita Dalka

Master Thesis: Credit Risk Assessment Models for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Graduated: June, 2016

Previous education: Professional Master degree, "Economics", Riga Technical University, Latvia;

Bachelor degree, "Economics", Riga Technical University, Latvia

"I chose the Business Informatics study programme to supplement my knowledge in business field with knowledge in IT. Additionally to the lectures I had a chance to take part in guest lectures and seminars, as well as the Erasmus+ project on “Future Internet Opportunities”, that gave a chance to get even deeper understanding of the interaction between IT and Business."

Rakesh Parthasarathy

Master Thesis: Development of Information Logistics Reference Model

Graduated: June, 2016

Previous education: Bachelor degree, "Information technology", Kings Engineering College, India

"Good program to learn about Business activities with the knowledge of IT Background."

Dmitrijs Kozlovs

Master Thesis: Information Security Auditing Method for Information Flows in Business Processes

Graduated: February, 2016

Previous education: Master degree, "Business Administration", SBS Swiss Business School, Switzerland;

Master degree of professional higher education, ''Global Finance and Banking'', professional qualification Financier, BA School of Business and Finance, Latvia

" I have always been passionate about Math, English, Information Technology and any combination of all three that could be offered. Therefore I started with obtaining a Master Degree in Finance and an MBA that made a solid foundation of knowledge, thorough understanding of business and valuable practical skills that is considered as a major benefit for myself. Nevertheless, I felt that my dream is incomplete.
Business Informatics study programme became a way how to make my dream come true. It made a great contribution towards understanding, applying and mastering systems thinking, knowledge management, business process management and engineering, enterprise IT architecture, application and integration, as well as IT quality, risk and security technologies. "

Kristīne Cjaputa

Master Thesis: Business Processes Based Introduction of Security Aspects in Enterprise Architecture

Graduated: February, 2016

Previous education: Bachelor degree, "Telecommunications", Riga Technical University, Latvia

" Study program “Business Informatics” gave great opportunity to get knowledge about IT and understand how IT relates with business. As my previous education was Telecommunications, but I was interested in IT, this study program was an opportunity to get acquainted with IT. Exchange of experience with students from different countries expanded my vision about practice in IT field in other countries."

Zane Zvirbule

Master Thesis: Media Monitoring Solution for Small and Medium Companies

Graduated: June, 2015

Previous education: Bachelor degree, 

"Bachelor of Social Science in Management," University of Latvia, Latvia

"I had education in business management and I wanted to have deeper understanding of IT as this is developing field. Business Informatics provided knowledge of both sides - business and IT. Also students without previous IT knowledge can follow the courses and successfully pass examinations. I am glad about all the people I met during my studies and about our summer school in Barcelona."

Normunds Tomsons

Master Thesis: Investment Portfolios Pricing Information System for Small Investors

Graduated: June, 2015

Previous education: "Financial Management," BA School of Business and Finance, Latvia

"As I am coming from business environment, it was really exciting to look at business processes deeper using different IT approaches. That helps to understand relations between business and IT better. Business Informatics gives great opportunity to learn to create models and integrate them in real business. It is also great to study together with students from different countries."

Laima Genava

Master Thesis: Usability Improvement Process for Resource Management System G-VEDIS

Graduated: June, 2015

Previous education: Bachelor degree, 

"Bachelor of Social Science in Management," Riga Technical University

Master degree, "Master of Social Science in Management," Riga Technical University, Latvia

"BI study program was a great opportunity how to get an IT education within two years without studying in IT bachelor programs. This program gave me a better understanding of how IT field can help to achieve businesses their goals. Academic staff was very responsive and friendly. And I am very proud to say that I have graduated Business Informatics study program at RTU."

Jakhnogir Ashrapov

Master Thesis: Machine Learning for Supporting Student Survey Data Analysis

Graduated: June, 2015

Previous education: Bachelor degree, 

"Managenment (IT concentrated)," Tashkent University of Information Technologies, Uzbekistan

"Business Informatics program courses teache us to think systematically and conceptually as well as teache how to visualise these thoughts by modelling. It is flexible in a sense that IT people learn business perspectives and business people learn about IT side of a business. After finishing this program I see overall architecture by looking at its parts and parts of system by looking on the architecture as a whole."

Mārcis Lipkins

Master Thesis: Analysis Framework for IT Solutions Improvement in Small and Medium Sized Latvian Passenger Transportation Companies

Graduated: January, 2014

Previous education: Professional bachelor degree, 

"Business Administration", BA Turiba, Latvia

"Study program Business Informatics gave me what I was searching for - understanding about linkage between business and information technologies (IT) to be able to solve business problems which we meet on the daily basis."

Kaspars Kucins

Master Thesis: Process-Oriented Customization of CRM Applications

Graduated: July, 2013

Previous education: Bachelor degree, "History", University of Latvia, Latvia

"Business Informatics study programme allowed mto jump into IT without having previous education in the area, and find an interesting, progressive and well-paid job. Recommend to techies who want to learn something additional to programming or to anyone who wants to switch his/her career to IT."

Līga Pētersone

Master Thesis: E-Services Quality Assessment and Assurance

Graduated: July, 2012 (First graduation!)

Previous education: Bachelor degree, "Mathemathics", University of Latvia, Latvia

"Since I had neither business nor IT background I was a bit scared at the beginning. Nevertheless one of the greatest characteristics of BI study program are those students of different backgrounds, since it makes possible to learn from them as well. Definitely do not regret the choices made in 2010."

Lauris Prikulis

Master Thesis: Development of Integrated IT Solutions for Small Banking Institutions

Graduated: July, 2012 (First graduation!)

Previous education: Bachelor degree, "Business Administration", BA School of Business and Finance, Latvia

"Business Informatics is perfectly suitable for those who has experience and education in social sciences, but seek for in-depth understanding, theoretical knowledge and practical experience in information technology and systems analysis.  Graduating this program improved my knowledge and raised my competitiveness in job market."

Julian Montes Franko

Master Thesis: Simplified Model of an Information System to Calculate Greenhouse Gas Emission in Small and Medium Companies

Graduated: June, 2020

Ulaganathan Sarangapani

Master Thesis: Application of Data Mining Techniques in Trade

Graduated: June, 2020

Greeshma Amidyala

Master Thesis: Analysis of Service-oriented Middleware for Integration of IoT and Connected Vehicles

Graduated: June, 2020

Tekim Evrim Ozmermer

Master Thesis: Development of Methods for Faster and Scalable Neural Networks

Graduated: June, 2020

Līga Vanaga

Master Thesis: IoT Technology Usage Opportunities to Personalize Insurance Services

Graduated: June, 2020

Edgars Gaidels

Master Thesis: Graph-based System Reliability Analysis in Microservice Architecture

Graduated: June, 2020

Anete Miķelsone

Master Thesis: Concepts and Practices in Student Data Analytics: Educational Data Mining for Riga Technical University

Graduated: January, 2020

Santa Zvirbule

Master Thesis: The Assessment of New Technology Applicability in Facility Management Using Variability Modeling

Graduated: June, 2018

Dinesh Chandrasekaran

Master Thesis: Analysis of principles and Techniques of Evolutionary software architectures

Graduated: June, 2018

Amin Safavi

Master Thesis: Data flow automation and control in web based systems

Graduated: January, 2018

Anna Ivanova

Master Thesis: Requirements Engineering in Agile SCRUM Software Development

Graduated: June, 2017

Miks Kroņkalns

Master Thesis: Machine Learning Classification for Application Log files Analysis to Reproduce Erroneous Web Application Scenarios

Graduated: June, 2017

Artis Jurkovskis

Master Thesis: Publicly Available Statistical Data as Analytic Service a Case of Real Esteate

Graduated: June, 2017

Elza Stepanova

Master Thesis: Continuous Requirements Engineering Method for Mobile Application Development

Graduated: January, 2017

Mārtiņš Pārpucis

Master Thesis: Requirements Evaluation and Prioritization in ERP Implementation Projects

Graduated: June, 2016

Jurģis Šēnbergs

Master Thesis: Application of User Engagement in Website Development

Graduated: June, 2015

Previous education: Bachelor degree, "Bachelor of Civil Engineering," Riga Technical University, Latvia

Dana Behmane

Master Thesis: Testing Improvement in a Company

Graduated: June, 2015

Previous education: Master of Social Science, "Management in International Business,"

University of Latvia


Muhammad Yasir Ashraf

Master Thesis: Skills for Non-technical IT Project Manager

Graduated: June, 2015

Previous education: Bachelor degree, "Computer Science," The University of Lahore BCS (Hons), Pakistan

Jānis Strods

Master Thesis: Search Engine and Social Media Marketing Methods for Business Development

Graduated: June, 2015

Roberts Čerenkovs

Master Thesis: Integration of social media into business process management

Graduated: June, 2014

Previous education: Bachelor degree, "Computer Science", University of Latvia, Latvia

Rolands Koncevičs

Master Thesis: Game-based training of business analysis skills in agile projects

Graduated: June, 2014

Previous education: Bachelor degree, "Computer Science", University of Latvia, Latvia

Kristaps Muzikants

Master Thesis: Identification of practice relevant key performance indicators for the software development

Graduated: June, 2014

Previous education: Bachelor and Master degree, "Economics and business administration", RISEBA, Latvia

Mārtiņš Seimuškins

Master Thesis: User behaviour pattern based authentication

Graduated: June, 2014

Previous education: Bachelor degree, "Business Administration and Management", BA School of Business and Finance, Latvia

Sandijs Šiļko

Master Thesis: Developing economically reasonable cloud computing architecture

Graduated: June, 2014

Previous education: Bachelor degree, "E-Commerce/Electronic Commerce", University of Latvia, Latvia

Drar Ahmed Mohamed Sami Abdelmonem

Master Thesis: Business Model Improvement Based on Advanced Web Technologies

Graduated: June, 2014

Previous education: Bachelor degree, "Management Information System", Institute of Computer & Information Technology, Egypt

Marika Sviķe

Master Thesis: Corporate Social Responsibility Management  Support Technology Design

Graduated: January, 2013

Previous education: Professional master degree, "Business Administration", BA School of Business and Finance, Latvia

Jānis Anspaks

Master Thesis: ORTUS iOS Blueprint and Pilot Project

Graduated: July, 2013

Previous education: Bachelor degree, "Telecommunications", Riga Technical University, Latvia

Juris Bormanis

Master Thesis: Usage of Structural Modeling Approach for Analysis of Business Process Modeling Diagrams

Graduated: July, 2013

Previous education: Bachelor degree, "Computer Systems", Riga Technical University, Latvia

Māris Darģis

Master Thesis: Feasibility Analysis of Business Intelligence Solutions in Banks

Graduated: July, 2013

Previous education: Bachelor degree, 

"Information technology", Riga Technical University, Latvia

Tutku Turkmen

Master Thesis: Process Mining Methods for Analyzing Usage Patterns of Enterprise Application

Graduated: July, 2013

Previous education: Bachelor degree, "Statistics", 

Yildiz Technical University, Turkey

Vitālijs Nadežnikovs

Master Thesis: Analysis of Cloud Computing Trends and Business Models

Graduated: July, 2013

Previous education: Master degree, "Maritime Transport - Marine Engineering", Latvian Maritime Academy, Latvia


Andris Silamiķelis

Master Thesis: Application of Serious Games in Learning of BPMN

Graduated: July, 2013

Previous education: Professional bachelor degree, "Information Systems", 

Information Systems Management Institute, Latvia


Ivo Pekšēns

Master Thesis: Methodology of Choosing PLM Platform

Graduated: July, 2013

Previous education: Bachelor and Master degree, "Computer Systems", Riga Technical University, Latvia

First student who showed interest about the program!

Jurijs Lediņš

Master Thesis: Knowledge Management Technology for Student Service Centre at RTU

Graduated: July, 2012 (First graduation!)

Previous education: 

Bachelor degree, 

"Business Administration", BA School of Business and Finance; 

Bachelor degree, "Information technology", Riga Technical University, Latvia