Master Thesis Defense

On June 16 Business Informatics students will defend their master theses.

The venue: Daugavgrivas-2, 546, beginning at 9:00.


Aziz Hamza

Architecting Android Applications Using Reactive Model


Mohit Dipak Pote

A Method for Capability Life Cycle Management in Capability Driven Development Methodology


Irina Zaborskaia

A Method for Developing Context-Aware Process Oriented Application Using BPMN 2.0


Kaspars Purmalietis

Continuous Requirements Engineering for Start-Ups


Miks Kroņkalns

Machine Learning Classification for Application Log files Analysis to Reproduce Erroneous Web Application Scenarios


Ineta Būcena

DevOps Adoption for Very Small Entities


Anna Ivanova

Requirements Engineering in Agile SCRUM Software Development


Artis Jurkovskis

Publicly Available Statistical Data as Analytic Service a Case of Real Esteate


Soundarrajan Arunkumar 

An Approach to Service Identification for Service Oriented Systems